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Stargate Refuge

The Railroad Bunker of the SG Fandom

Stargate Refuge Center
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This community is members only, and membership is moderated. You'll be allowed in no problem, but it's there.

New Atlantis was recently shut down, and left a great big gap in the Stargate fandom. A lot was lost and various fan artists in fandom lost a brilliant and valuble resource so this place was set up in its wake: Stargate Refuge. An attempt to reconstruct what was lost.

Terms are easy, join up, and use this as a resource. It isn't really a community though it's set out this way so there's no new posting unless one of the mods is posting a notice, or needs a new page. There's no age limit, no adult content, no fanfiction and no fan art. If a discussion gets going in comments, be polite to each other.

This is just a resource.

We only ask that you read the lastest post on the journal itself once you've been aproved for membership, it'll give you more information on how the LJ is organised and how to contribute. Credit not needed for photos taken, if you do then please keep in mind that we didn't get these resources originally, we're just reconstructing them from fragments around the fandom. We're not advertised any where, so if you like it then spead the word - but under flock please.

See, we're simple here.

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